Impact Carbone

Sustainable Investment Strategy

13 octobre 2020

Our Group has been driven for many years by the ambition to be a responsible investor, to offer our clients profitable solutions that are tailored to their needs and to act in the interest of living well together.

From its inception in 2008, La Française Group recognised the link between the economic, political, social and environmental worlds; it realised that the winners of tomorrow would be those who are able to anticipate and innovate and that the integration of ESG criteria into investment decisions would be a source of long-term value.

From the start we built up internal resources, a research centre and experts to deal with an holistic analysis to appreciate the impact that ESG factors have on economic performance. This influence continues to grow stronger and we firmly believe it is more essential than ever to integrate these factors into our decision-making processes.

The climate crisis is a reality – we have already consumed a significant portion of our natural resources. On top of this, the COVID 19 pandemic has further strengthened our awareness of social and health issues. These issues represent significant changes that offer opportunities to re-imagine the future and to turn the act of saving into a means of action.

In this report you will discover how, in a very concrete way, that we are committed to innovation and sustainability ; they drive our investment solutions and allow each one of us to act individually and collectively and to engage.

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Impact Carbone